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Hardwood flooring offers a diverse appearance, outstanding benefits, and a lifespan that outlasts almost any floor covering on the market today. So, it's a good idea to consider these materials and what they might add to your home. You can follow along here to learn more about the products and why they might be an excellent investment as you shop for new flooring.

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Wood floors can add significant value to your home, especially if you install them in more than one room. Whether installing them to create equity or to sell your home with a great return in the future, you'll be pleased with the beautiful results these floors offer. But there are so many more significant advantages to installing these materials in your home. Visual appeal is something every homeowner prefers, and you'll find plenty of it in this product line. It starts with a species selection and the natural grain patterns and colorations that come from it. Then, you can move on to add a gorgeous stain color, sealant, format, and finish. And for the perfect result, consider installation techniques like herringbone or chevron for another layer of visual appeal. Durability plays a significant role with hardwood flooring, helping it reach lifespans that can exceed 30 years in engineered wood and more than 100 with solid hardwood. Again, the best selections start with the suitable species, as some are much harder than others. A good choice for residential areas that see normal wear is oak, which is hard, takes a stain well and is durable.

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